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Hey, Welcome to my all about me helping you page.

If you're reading this, you're probably wondering who this Leon person is, and why is a Jay Z look alike writing and teaching online marketing?

Lets get straight to the point... the entire purpose of this blog is to provide training on the marketing skills that are required for building a business online.

Most network marketers are not trained to be marketers and business owners.

We are fed some bs about how we can be making $100's in just days or get that new boat and private jet in a couple of months...

But what most network marketing uplines don't tell you, is that you need to work your socks off. Real talk!

Positive thinking and asking the universe for success doesn't build huge teams...

So you are going to have to work to build your business. It is not going to build itself for you.

This is why Leon is a mission to educate, train, support, and mastermind with network marketers around the industry.

In our industry,  leaders sincerely want to help people succeed, and we want to help people acheive their success using online marketing strategies.

Back Story...

In 2016 Leon was lost his job of 14 years with the bank to technology.  

Sold on the dream of financial freedom, he joined a network marketing company, and like most of us when we get started, quickly discovered that it isn't easy...

And burned through his family and friends, got laughed at because it wasn't a proper job, and ran out of people to talk to.

So like most of us do... go online searching for help. The reason we do this... because we are not getting the right training from our upline.

Not their fault... they weren't taught to be marketers or trainers.

The first thing I stumbled across was something called the Attraction Marketing Formula.

The single most influential and proven training for teaching network marketers how to build their business online.

This sparked some major breakthroughs... The only challenge. NO ONE in our team was applying this training.  So this new idea of marketing had to figured alone.

And then it happened...

Passive leads started to coming in daily via email, as a result of some strategically crafted Facebook and Instagram posts...

And then commissions and sales started happening, and in many cases without even speaking to prospects.

Once you know the attraction marketing formula, and apply it... You really do attract leads and sales passively, even whilst you sleep!

Contacting Me...

You can get hold of me via a couple of options.

Email: info@leonwitter.com

Facebook: facebook.leonwitter.com

So if a link doesn't work... or a video doesn't play... just let me know. I appreciate your help!