Who Is Leon Witter

Leon Witter is a husband, father of 3 children, and is committed to helping network marketers and home business owners build a profitable and sustainable business.

Leon had worked in financial services for the same bank for over 14 very long years, and most of that time Leon knew in his heart that there was more to life than slaving away day after day for a company that always asked for more, and always gave back less and less.

Back in the summer of 2014, Leon had 6 unsuccessful interviews for promotion with the bank he had dedicated his whole adult life to, and he was feeling a bit beaten up, and frustrated.  At that time, Leon's best friend and soulmate was pregnant with his second child Jamil, and Leon was in over £30,000 in debt.  Leon had once heard that in order for things to change, you have to change yourself, and thats exactly what Leon set out to do.

Leon started reading books, and attending personal development seminars, webinars, listening to audio programs in the car, and was just on a mission to improve every bit of himself from the inside out.  Leon knew that by increasing his value, he would stand a much better chance to get further ahead in life as an entrepreneur.

In October 2014, Leon went to an event where a speaker by the name of Matt Morris (AKA The Unemployed Millionaire) gave such a powerful talk, Leon made took over 30 pages of notes, and used what he had learn to successfully secure a promotion within his bank, and jump 3 pay grades plus a 50% salary increase, and typically, people do not jump 3 pay grades in that particular bank often.

It was great for Leon to now start earning much more money, considering his son Jamil was born a couple of weeks before Leon got the promotion, however, there was new much harsher challenge that Leon now had to face.  The new job paid 50% more money, however the tax bracket was 40%, and the new high profile job meant that Leon spent 50% more time away from his home and his family!  Do you think it was really worth it?  Leon didn't think so at all, and he became even more frustrated and dissatisfied with his new situation.

Leon had been doing the new job for nearly a year, and during that time he had read over 30 books on money, success, entrepreneurship, the law of attraction, and understanding people phycology, listened to over 1000 hours of personal development audio in his car, attended many seminars, including 3 massive international conventions in Europe. He had been laying the foundations down as an entrepreneur, and someone who could give value to other entrepreneurs, and then it happened… One afternoon in the office at the end of November, some emails circulated the office where Leon was based in the City of London, and an emergency meeting was announced!  This emergency meeting left most of the people in the office unsettled, because most of the people in the office knew what was coming next… Job cuts and people getting layer off!

At this point, Leon knew that he did not want to reapply for his job, and he just wanted out!  A world class boxer would train for months and months before the biggest fight of their career, and all thats exactly what Leon had been doing this whole time in the background with his personal development.  This was his time to take the risk, and go all in to his own business, and thats exactly what he did.

The best part is Leon gets to spend time with his family which includes a new born baby girl in 2016, and the network marketing company Leon chose to partner up with has some big movers and shakers that Leon now regularly masterminds with.  The continuous education has also allowed Leon to offer a tremendous amount of value to business owners and entrepreneurs as a coach through his coaching service, because helping someone to cut the learning curve is helping someone to achieve success faster, and helping people is at the heart of Leon's nature.

If you would like Leon Witter to help you in anyway, you can contact him directly via email info@leonwitter.com and/or you can sign up to Leon's free newsletter by clicking HERE

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