Eric Worre Interviews Johnny Wimbrey

Eric Worre Interviews Johnny Wimbrey in this Top Leader Interview! Eric sits down with my mentor Johnny in this very powerful and inspiring video! Johnny is a an international motivational speaker, best-selling author, celebrity life coach, hollywood personality, and a leader within one of the Top Five Network Marketing businesses in the world. In Johnny Wimbrey's best-selling book ‘From the Hood to Doing Good', Johnny talks about growing up in Dallas Texas, and reveals how his life influenced his journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur and Network Marketing professional.

In this interview, Johnny stated that “major things can happen in very minor moments!” and like most people, Johnny made a lot of bad decisions and mistakes growing up as a youth. Then something happened… Johnny paid attention for one seemingly minor moment, and he made the decision to make a major change in his life, turn over a new leaf, and go onto greater things.

“It doesn’t matter what situation you are in; you can be a successful failure or a successful success. It all depends on what you choose to participate in.”

Eric Worre Top Earner Interveiw With Johnny Wimbrey

Eric Worre Interviews Johnny Wimbrey

Johnny Wimbrey Became an Entrepreneur

After Johnny experienced a defining moment, he chose to make moral changes in his life, but he didn’t lose his inner fight. Johnny attended acting school for two years, and after that period, Johnny became an entrepreneur and started his career in the health and life insurance industry as an agent. By the age of 25, Johnny had become a regional vice president and recruiter for the Texas area. Now, you know how most people encourage loved ones to stay away from Network Marketing… He was very good at staying away from Network Marketing, because his boss had trained him well to not listen to these “things” called Network Marketing. But then one day, Johnny did decide to try Network Marketing, and he made $100,000 in 90 days. After 4 to 6 weeks, he walked away from the insurance industry and became a full-time Network Marketing professional.

When asked what sets him apart from others, Johnny listed four characteristics

1. A Me-Too Attitude: Johnny believes that if someone else can do it, then he can do. He can always learn something too.
2. Always Learning: He never wants to feel like he is better than someone because he knows he always has more to learn. He wants to keep learning and striving for that next thing.
3. Lead with the Heart: This is Johnny’s main philosophy of leadership. Johnny leads with his heart and cares about his team. He listens and asks them questions; he provides sometimes harsh feedback; but he never pushes his ideas or goals on his team. You want to build a legion of leaders? You have to care about them outside the money.
4. Teach the Basics: Johnny doesn’t teach his team how to become millionaires. He teaches them how to create win-win situations.

You Have To Have Heart and Fun

Heart is a big part of the culture Johnny creates in his team and his organisation, however, Johnny says that fun deffinately plays a huge role.

“If the team stops having fun, then they will fall apart!”

So, get the team together, don’t talk about business, and have fun together. When the team has fun together, they will continue to have fun in the Network Marketing profession. 

In conclusion, Johnny leaves us with the advice that you made a decision to become an entrepreneur, and so you have to participate in your own rescue. Johnny and Eric are not the all-end answer to becoming successful; they are only part of the answer. They can teach you principles, but you have to implement them in your life. You have to work for it, and you have to participate.

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